AeroVironment FY'19 Campaign Strategy

:: Objective & Challenges

Technological innovation continues to change the way we live. Mostly for the good. Still, humankind struggles with the demands and needs of our exponentially growing population. For the vast majority of us, we count on the thinkers, the scientists, and the engineers to anticipate the next challenge—and the next challenge—to better our quality of life while safeguarding the long term health of our communities, our nation, and the global environment. 

Many of these innovations are obvious to us, but many are not. These are the ground-breaking, technological innovations happening quietly—in labs and in offices, at companies and at universities— that are destined, perhaps even tomorrow, to change the world in ways we can’t yet imagine. Even now, innovations are coming from AeroVironment that will reinvent the way we live and work. Only most of us don’t know it. 

The breadth of AeroVironment’s existing products and services, however, doesn’t begin to tell the whole of this company’s story. While at the same time, their expanding family of products makes it increasingly difficult to encapsulate into a single idea who AeroVironment is and what the company has done and continues to do that is so remarkable. Because it is the technology behind the products, and the innovation and capabilities that gave rise to these technologies, that is at the heart of the company’s very essence and identity. 

For nearly 50 years, in fact, AeroVironment has been at the innovative forefront, breaking barriers, setting records and inventing entirely new technologies to make our nation and our world more secure, more sustainable, more productive, and its inhabitants more connected. Innovation and invention are at the heart of the brand. Communicating this idea is both our objective and the challenge of the AV 5.0 strategic marketing campaign.