:: AV 5.0 Strategic Campaign Main Headline

Making history. It’s a bold statement. A lot of companies can’t say it. Most companies wouldn’t have the guts. But we shouldn’t mince words. AeroVironment has a history of... well, making history. Over the years the company has accomplished a string of historic firsts. We needn’t list them here again. A few of the better known firsts came in the past. But for nearly 50 years, AeroVironment has continued to make history with innovations and inventions that have created new markets and industries where none existed before. 

Making history, however, is more than a boast about what’s been accomplished. For AV, making history is mostly about what’s being accomplished right now, and more importantly what new wonder AV will be revealing in the future. Perpetuated by the company’s idea lab, MacCready Works, AeroVironment’s new ideas will become tomorrow’s next historic, technological advancements.

Still, few people really know about this remarkable company of innovators. In part, this has been by design, or necessity, as many of AV’s core products have been made for and/or adopted by the military. While others have been developed in support of other companies across a variety of industries, boosting the reputation and awareness of AV’s customers. Recognizing and understanding the connection, the technological lineage that imprints all of these inventions and solutions, isn’t always obvious—especially coming from a company whose culture and has largely been to keep quiet. Indeed, AeroVironment is often the brains behind the operation—quietly working on the next big thing.

Perhaps nothing so aptly describes what might be going on here. Quiet, after all, is the sound of efficient, long lasting batteries, batteries that propel electric cars, and AV’s small UAS, and high altitude unmanned aircraft that can fly for weeks on end. As the defining modifier of our strategic headline idea, QUIETLY is quintessentially how this company operates—doing big things but rarely speaking of them. QUIETLY is AV being modest. But QUIETLY is also how AV is being confident. Quiet is focused. Quite is determined. Quite is what we are when we are most in awe of something new and innovative and life changing. Quiet is indeed this company—this company that is QUIETLY... MAKING HISTORY.