While there are many ways to describe AeroVironment’s journey of innovation, we have identified three key meanings that will inspire the messaging and tone of our strategic campaign. These ideas will drive the meaning in all headlines and written content, as well as inspiring the visual style, look and feel of all campaign materials. Working together, these key meanings will re-establish the company’s overall brand identity by strongly redefining who AeroVironment is today, and why its customers, employees, and stakeholders should care.

:: Accomplishment
The company has no shortages of accomplishments. From the flight of the Gossamer Condor to its impressive portfolio of present day UAS, from battery systems built to propel the very first electric vehicles to EV charging systems that are empowering the EV revolution, AV is full of accomplishments—many record breaking, market creating, industry changing accomplishments. Only most people, even many of AV’s customers, simply aren’t aware of this long list of history making firsts. Through this strategic marketing campaign, they will come to know AV’s accomplishments—past and present—while eagerly anticipating what great innovation is next from the company. These accomplishments are important for the company and its employees.

:: Security
In some way, every product AV makes and every solution AV provides delivers security for its customers. In the case of the company’s family of UAS, the security they deliver—whether to the soldier on the battlefield or to the integrity of the mission—is clearly evident. While those with first hand experience undertand their value, many outside the war zone can’t fully appreciate these amazing new tools have changed the way we are fighting and winning, while inflicting as little collateral damage as possible. Likewise, the same innovations that help us win on the battlefield are now winning elsewhere—in the agriculture, transportation, and oil industries, for example, where AV UAS are allowing these customers to also “proceed with certainty”. While in the EV world, AV innovations also give drivers the security they need to comfortably adopt the new EV way of life. This security is important for AV’s customers and their customers.

:: Wonder
For all of its accomplishments, for all of the security that its innovative technologies provides, there is sense of something even greater that embodies the company—and that is wonder. Wonder is defined as “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.” Wonder was the inspiration that fueled Dr. MacCready’s dream to achieve human powered flight. Wonder was the fuel that drove every AV innovation. Because wonder is the joy of discovery, the joy of imagining the impossible and making it possible, the joy of creating something the will make our lives and our world a better place. Everyday, the people of AeroVironment come to work and wonder about the future. Through this strategic marketing campaign, we will inspire our audience to look with wonder on AV.