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The only concept Proprietor Joby Yoby had when we sat at the table with him was good food and 100 beers on tap. The location off Highway 101’s California Street exit in Downtown Ventura seems ideal but it had proven a challenge to a string of establishments that had come before. On one hand, here was this stand alone building easily visible to every car exiting the 101. On the other hand, the lure of Ventura’s historic Main Street with its fill of eating establishments, retail shops, and live entertainment was and remains a huge pull a few blocks away. How then could we draw people into Barrelhouse? 
First, we added the number 1—both in name and on the tap wall—to Joby’s 100 other beer taps and the newly branded Barrelhouse 101 was instantly more rooted in Ventura’s mythic California coastal location. Then we drilled deeper into the city’s working class, oil boom past and created a look and a design experience that is authentic and unique as the “City of Good Fortune”. Now, pulling off Coast Highway it’s hard to miss BH101, and even harder to drive past this new landmark where there’s “Good Fortune on Tap”.