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We haven’t much time. To do the things that need doing. That’s the nature of our clients’ work and in turn the work we do for them.

Whether they are searching for the cure, or engineering clean energy solutions that will drive us into a healthier future, time can be one of their greatest challenges.

Time is getting the funding or not.
Time is being first to market or not.
Time will always tell.

And that’s why it’s so hard for companies, especially new ones, to stop and take the time to tell their story. Quite simply, they need us to tell it—who they are and why their company or product really matters—and they need it fast. Because the faster our clients can discover new medicines or deliver that cleaner driving car, the sooner we all get the things we need.


brandstart for startups and other living things.

Bringing a new business, service or product to market is tumultuous. Like a quickly developing storm, they require a huge amount of energy to grow—new ideas, new technologies, and new solutions to fuel their expansion. But to become a true force of nature and take on a life of their own, they need to define who they are, communicate their story, and create a unique and memorable identity. They need a name and a strategy that looms so large that their undeniable presence draws people inextricably towards them.

Still, to be more than a passing storm and feed off the energy that swirls around the start of every great startup, a new company needs to evoke a deeper meaning—human values and universal truths that will transform its identity into a great brand. Sounds like a challenge, and it is—branding a new company or product at all, much less doing so in just three months, three weeks, or even just three days! But that’s precisely what we at NeedThree mean and do when we “brandstorm”—seeding the creative clouds to instantly grow and give life to our clients’ brands. For us, it is both a science and an art, sparked by decades of experience that has taught us to think and feel…fast.

We are NeedThree, a creative lab of writers and designers, photographers, illustrators and digital image-makers, working collaboratively and seamlessly to create, author, and envision the living, breathing stories that are our clients’ brands. But we do all of these things, strategically wielding all the tools of our craft, to do one thing:

We create meaning.

Brand Analysis
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
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Social Media Marketing
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Brand Naming
Product Naming
Brand Language
Video Production

Brand Identity
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Annual Report Design
Website Development
Color Systems
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Environmental Design

At NeedThree, we identify what matters most to you and your business and then tell that story so that it truly matters to people—human stories that make us laugh, think and care, brand stories that inspire us to invest, buy and join. We have told the stories of scientists and engineers, farmers and builders, individual innovators and groundbreaking companies—all of whom are working to better our lives and our world.

Need to tell your story? 
We’ll make the time.
And we’ll make the time valuable.

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