Housing Authority of The City of City of San Buenaventura


The landscape for affordable housing continues to change. And not necessarily for the better. The pressures to build or provide affordable housing have become more challenging than ever for communities like ours. The old model of government subsidized housing for low income individuals and families is transforming, replaced by partnerships between agencies such as HACSB and private developers. With that change, HACSB’s identity must also change—reflecting these new, dynamic partnerships and the new ways that the Housing Authority is addressing these challenges. It is time for the HACSB brand and brand story to move into the future—to move to a NEW ADDRESS. We don’t mean a new address in the physical sense. We mean a new address in a functional and branded sense. Indeed, HACSB has been on the path towards a new identity for a while now. Which is why see this potential agency name as something fresh and exciting. THE NEW ADDRESS boldly announces the agency’s innovative approach to developing new affordable housing. It reflects a new way of thinking when it comes to providing additional social and outreach services for its clients. Of course, for those clients in desperate need of affordable housing, The New Address is that one thing that so many dream of—that New Address to call their own. In this way, the name is also full of hope and optimism—promising that fundamental need at its core. As a brand name, it is admittedly longer. But it remains easy to read, easy to speak, and visually appealing. Any use of the word “new” always attracts attention and is seen as a positive, and “address”, with its double “D” and double “S”, provides lots of interesting letterform potential. Most of all, however, the New Address simply feels new and progressive, a much needed fresh and innovative approach to the affordable housing crisis in this country and in our community. THE NEW ADDRESS moves us purposefully towards positive action and change.