Housing Authority of The City of City of San Buenaventura



REDEFINE & REESTABLISH the good work of the agency for its community and its partners, communicating how the agency now works with both public and private partners to address not only the actual housing needs within the community, but also the everyday human needs of its clients as they strive to improve their lives.

RENAME & RE-IDENTIFY the agency to better reflect this role in developing affordable housing as it helps people to live independently and/or achieve true independence. Make clear to all of its stakeholders that HACSB has, over time and through careful work and planning, evolved into this new and dynamic agency. This new brand name and identity is the recognition of that leadership and change, not merely its launch.

REAFFIRM & RENEW with the agency’s employees the purpose, necessity, and integrity of the agency’s mission and that HACSB is a rewarding and important organization worthy of their efforts. By honing the organization’s message, we hope to instill in them a revitalized brand story they can easily and proudly adopt and share.

REIMAGINE & REVITALIZE the agency’s image within the community by creating powerful messages and captivating designs that engage the public, potential partners, clients and the community as a whole. Through our new brand story, we hope to evoke/create meaningful experiences that will powerfully resonate with people and positively shape their sense of who the agency is and all of the important work it does. 


While there are many types of meaningful experiences universal to all people, we have identified four “meanings” whose values are inherent in the HACSB story. These meanings or values will drive the creation and execution of the brand position and all new messaging, design and marketing materials.  


HACSB literally builds communities. But it is the greater sense of community that the agency also builds. We want to create and remind people of this powerful sense of unity.  We live here. The city of Ventura is our home and everyone in this community is our neighbor. We share the same values and appreciation for sustainable development, stewardship of resources, etc. This sense of community, of belonging, of common hopes and goals, is what we want people to experience when they experience our brand.


While this may seem to come from a previous negative experience, the redemptive experience is very positive. It is the idea that we are delivering people from uncertainty, shame, fear, etc. to a life renewed, with new opportunities, better care, etc.  But redemption is also an important value in that we can all be redeemed spiritually through our work with the agency, by helping others in our community and therefore helping our community as a whole.


Like community and redemption, fulfilling a sense of duty can evoke a powerfully meaningful experience. This is because we all know and believe in our hearts that we have a duty to help others. Duty is that willing application of oneself to a responsibility.  And through their work or partnership with HACSB, other developers, city and government officials, landlords, and HACSB employees can all be inspired by the fact that together we are doing our duty and doing something good. 


Perhaps no other meaning resonates as powerfully as this one as it begins and ends with the individual. Whether we are an employee of the agency, a potential partner in development, or a family or senior in need of affordable housing—no feeling is more important than the recognition that each of us is worthy of respect. When people in need are able to have a home of their own, they are validated. They count. They matter. And as anyone of us could need assistance one day, HACSB’s new message will validate that we all count. We all matter.