The Midnight Mission

As a brand story and brand marketing concept for The Midnight Mission, we believe 12:01 conveys a powerful message of hope that will be universally understood. 12:01 and its accompanying headline concept, “This is the day,” will also be an unapologetic challenge, a straightforward call to action to change your life or to take action that will positively change the lives of others. 12:01 will be indelibly connected to The Midnight Mission but because of its simple message of hope and its memorable numerical iconography, it has great potential to drive a larger, potentially global message and awareness about homelessness. In time, the numbers 12:01 on a sign or wall will simply be synonymous with The Midnight Mission and the larger social effort to end homelessness. 12:01 also has the potential to appeal to that next generation of donor as numbers cross language and cultural barriers, infusing the concept with the sort of fast-read, global messaging that is especially appealing to the Millennial Generation. 

the need

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